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Eat & Tell Porto's Tale

Historical Food tour 

50 Euro

We don't just want to show you Porto. We want to get you addicted to it.


She is colorful, she is exciting, romantic and intoxicating. Between colorful streets with houses and tiles there are hidden secret symbols that indicate on other eras. Wine fumes float in the air, the winter brings the sweet aroma of chestnuts that wash the passers with warm smoke, and in her resume there are quite a lot of recipes that are only hers. 


Porto is the only one of Portugal's cities that is both male and female (sounds weird? Join us and understand why), it is a poignant song of sadness with great joy, it celebrates the sardines, the bread, the wine and the flagship dish that perhaps it’s better to not mention at this point... the flavors tell her story and everything that happened with her, the wine releases and enables to move on to a new future that is emerging between the secret corners and through the families who created it.


During the tour we will visit Porto's most famous sites, we will understand the history of this wonderful city through art, music, architecture and most importantly, food.


Wow, you have a lot to learn…

Who is the well-known architect who was buried (somewhere) in his masterpiece, and why is there a cookie associated with the climbing this structure? Who is the king who gave his heart to the townspeople and why do they eat the visceral parts of the animal? How did the Jewish people hide their religion during within a certain dish during the Inquisition? Who is the little French girl who can. potentially, cause us a heart attack? And how is Harry Potter related to it all?

In short, join with an empty stomach.


Alright, I’m convinced, where do I sign in!?

  • Book your tour in advance with the date that suits you - we operate every day (except Sundays and holidays).

  • We will meet at 10am at the address that will be sent to you after your booking is complete, and we will tour for about 4-4.5 hours together, or until you fall off your feet.

  • The price for the tour is 50 Euros per person (from 4 people and more), or  150 Euros for 2-3 participants.

  • Bring comfortable shoes, water, camera and an empty stomach (we will fill it up for you)

  • Are there any eating restrictions? Prefer coriander rather than parsley? Don't drink wine or enjoy just one type of grape? Talk to us, we will arrange everything. For you we will even grow a new type of grapes!

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