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5 BEST cafes in Porto

There are two types of morning people: the kind who cannot stop talking as soon as their eyes are wide and open, and the kind who will not let anyone approach them before their coffee. Well, wake up and smell the coffee cause we're here for the second type who happen to travel in Portugal. Although Portugal has great products brought from its ex-territories, the Cappuccino lovers sometimes find it hard to get their own liking here, especially if you're used to fresh milk rather than ultra-pasteurized milk. So if you're in Porto for a vacation and wanna get those right flavors on your lips, or just looking for a nice cafe to work from with your laptop while sipping caffeine to keep you focused on work, we give you our 5 Top Tips for coffee spots in Porto. Get your mug warmed up, here we go:

2. Bird of Passage Coffee (Specialty Coffee Porto)

Tucked between Baixa and the not-so-touristy

Bonfim neighborhood, this charming place has the best coffee menu for you and a wonderful all-day breakfast. The owner, a coffee addict, constructed it from the best of each culture around the world. Alongside your choice of coffee type, the place offers

a diverse selection of fresh and healthy foods including healthy bowls with fruits and oats, amazing Avo Mash & Benedict Eggs, homemade cakes, toasts, special lunch menu and an unforgettable banana bread (well, lets face it, it's a cake). Although it is not a vegetarian or vegan place per-se, it does have great options for everyone.

Top Tip: While you’re there, ask the super friendly team about their coffee workshops and tastings. And if you’re looking to have a professional business meeting or have a reason for some celebration, there are special offers for set menus in more private settings.

- Rua do Duque de Loulé 185-187, 4000-325 Porto, Portugal

2. Early Cedofeita

Oh my god, please save us from best places like this one. Whether it is the breakfast, brunch, lunch or cakes, you will not be able to stop… founded by two siblings, Early is located in one of Porto’s most trendy neighborhoods - Cedofeita (cedo means ‘early’).

The coffee at Early is made with specialty beans from local roasters and will never disappoint, especially when you had some bites of their food next to it. So yes, the food is made almost like an artisan’s creation with the highest quality and organic ingredients and served in a smiley, chilled-out, kinda Hipster-ish environment. The interior is designed with a good retro-vintage style and the cozy feelings is acknowledged by the regular customers who keep returning here to enjoy the place for few hours too long (yes, me included). You can grab a seat by the long bench alongside the wall, get a group table or just have your nice cup of coffee by the old bookshop vitrines overlooking the street.

Top Tip: you can choose several mini-dishes and create your own choice of meal, rather than taking a full-predesigned-set.

- Rua dos Bragas 374, 4050-122 Porto, Portugal

3. Fábrica Coffee Roasters

The Coffee Roasters Factory was born in 2015 and played a big part in inserting Porto into the world of genuine specialty coffee experience. They roast the beans and blends in their Lisbon factory according to the characteristics of the beans and the purposes- be it filter roasting, espresso, cappuccino etc, and as a result, the end product has become somewhat of a gourmet coffee. The ingredients come from farmers in Brazil, Colombia, Kenya and Guatemala and are mixed with chocolate, banana, caramel and more. The Porto location itself is very spacious and includes quiet corners as well as a nice back garden. Alongside the coffee of your choice, the menu offers some nice bites, sandwiches, toasts, cakes and a very nice ice tea.

Top Tip: buy your take-away coffee bean bag and ask the staff to grind according to your need. Trust me, the aroma is worth the price.

- Rua de José Falcão 122, 4050-315 Porto, Portugal

4. 7groaster (Specialty Coffee)

A hidden gem along the Douro river bank-side, at the heart of the Port wineries in Vila Nova de Gaia. It is a result of a symbiosis of two projects: apartments and a Roaster Cafe born in 2017 with the aim to bring a truly different experience. They roast their specialty Arabica coffee and serve filter, cold brew, craft beer, and a delicious variety of pastries, healthy food, salads, gourmet bread and more. The spacious atmosphere is filled with good music, cosy seating options indoors and outdoors, and great vibes of the historical center of Gaia.

Top Tip: try to avoid busy hours since this place can get quite a waiting line.

- Rua Franca 52, 4400-174 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

5. Época Porto

Off the tourist trail and in the best neighborhood that Porto has to offer, Cedofeita, you can find this small trendy cafe which holds to the perfect mix between authentic and modern. They serve some of the most heavenly and healthy breakfasts in town from fresh and organic ingredients collected from the owners farm. The result is exceptional dishes somewhere between Nordic and Middle Eastern; Turkish eggs, hummus, lots of green leaves, oatmeal bowls, and an amazing bread topped with pesto, kale, garlic and more. We cannot ignore the cakes and cookies of Época and the fact that they serve the best Matcha latte in town. So don’t say we didn’t warn you- you might actually want to return here more than once. The service is of course great too with friendly and patient staff ready to explain everything to you.

Top Tip: at lunch the place might be a bit busy and since it’s quite small, you might want to rethink your time of arrival.

- Rua do Rosário 22, 4050-522 Porto, Portugal

So, Good Morning! Did we solve your waking-up problem? Send us your own choices and findings! We'd love to hear from you.

Wanna order coffee as they do in Portugal? Here's the way to do it (at least some of the options):

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